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About DataBody Futures 


Bodies at the frontier of tech & power

By now digital technologies have become the primary platform for most human interaction. Data about us is both an extension of our bodies, and a manifestation of our boundaries.

But while respect for bodily integrity may be the norm that we work towards in the physical world, our online spaces and digital systems are full of intrusive practices that routinely violate our physical boundaries: facial and emotion recognition, behavioural targeted advertising, recommendation products, and more. 

Since our physical boundaries are difficult to translate into the digital realm, the connection between everyday online intrusions and emotional well-being often gets neglected. We have only just begun to understand how digital violations affect the human psyche in the long run. 

DataBody Futures is home for original research, artwork and resources that explore the connection between digital intrusions and our well-being, and offer solutions to protect our digital integrity. 

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Deep dives into how everyday digital intrusions impact our physical and emotional well-being

Practical resources that help reimagine the relationship between our bodies and new tech

Stories on the intersection of digital systems and our bodies

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